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Customer Service

XMC BPO offers better customer service to ensure the stability of your business. We promise strong and interactive communication skills to secure the compliance of our every partners.

Knowledge Processing

XMC BPO is a gateway to better mold business through knowledge processing. Our purpose is to help business grow through impartation of our knowledge and skills to outsource your service more strategically.


XMC BPO assists clients through Insurance services and various transactions. It carries the operational costs and improve the efficiency. It also improves customer experience while maximizing resources.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

XMC BPO provides accounting and bookkeeping services to assist clients in managing their financial stability and tax system.

Medical Billing and Coding

XMC BPO helps clients for all health means through medical billing and coding. It provides advantages to customers by health care services.


XMC BPO is the finest solution for business growth by assisting clients to find the best marketplace and outsource service for business trends.

Digital Marketing

XMC BPO provides better ways to improve advertisement through Digital Marketing. It provides interaction and creativity that creates positive result to find a potential customer for various businesses.

Property Insurance

XMC BPO provides effective solutions for Property Insurances and management. It is where clients can establish a profitable structure for all business essential.

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