Healthcare BPO Services

Billing Management

XMC assists clients in a walk through the billing management using healthcare a provider. This process comes from the submission of claims, forms and other perks benefit of our valued clients.


Patient’s Account Registration

XMC assists clients from registering their accounts to the system to check the health progress and logs of patients.


Patient’s Account Set-up

XMC also cater assistance in setting-up accounts and providing access for the online process. Guarantee to provide access for them to check, request and validate health assistance and other transactions online.


Insurance Verification

XMC can process verification of Insurance providers by maintaining records accurately. Timely checking of all transactions to maximize health advantages. It will give clients the security of information on getting claims.


Patient Scheduling

XMC offers a wide variety of solutions where it improves healthcare practices and workflow. We can provide convenience through outsourcing patient scheduling that establishes fast-paced transactions and appointments with trusted hospitals.


Collection Process

XMC promised to give ease for every client on paying the premium health insurance provider. From billing, request, and checking transactions would not be a burden with the process. As we do the collections of payments and paper works.


Claim Management

XMC can process filing medical claims through documentation of receipts and transaction records. We can review the account information in order to get the claim for health advantages.